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Villagers are the predominant non-player characters (NPCs) in the Animal Crossing series. They live around the player's town. They share the same hobbies that the player has, and they come in a variety of species. The villagers will even plant flowers, shake trees, and buy items from the shops around town.

The villagers will move in at random, and there is no way to know what animal will move in until they actually do so. Every villager has a preset house design, which will change over time.

The villager's home can be entered, as long as they are inside. Some villagers will sleep during the day, and as a result, will be awake during the night. Most, however, sleep at night, and will be awake during the day. Villagers will be kept awake later or wake up earlier depending on the Town Ordinance. Storage units cannot be opened in the villager's homes, and when attempting to do so, a joke message will appear, relating to that storage unit. Lights cannot be turned off in the villagers' homes.

Drake (A lazy villager)


The villagers are anthropomorphic, meaning that they stand upright and have the same posture that humans do. Some wear make-up, and all villagers wear clothes. They act out with the same emotions that the player can have.


Each villager, after being divided into their gender and species, are also divided by personality type. Personalities decide how the villagers will interact with the player, with other villagers, and when they wake up and go to sleep.


Male villagers can have the following personalities:


Female villagers can have the following personalities:


Villagers can do actions, such as watering flowers, shaking non-fruit trees, reading the bulletin board, and sitting on benches, along with fishing.

Their ability to water flowers is increase if the Beautiful Town ordinance is enacted

Starting Villagers

When starting the game, there will be 3 villagers.

Special Villagers

There are special villagers who either own shops, or appear during holidays. Examples of these are Rover and Isabelle.