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Hi there, I'm Tim "Too Many Nicknames To Reference Them All Here" Quievryn and I'm proud to be one of your staff members here at Fandom. I have been working on the technical aspect of community management at Fandom since October 2009 after coming over from Wikipedia and The Third Turn, where I continue to contribute and do research.

Part of what I love about Fandom is the fact that I get to have some interesting technical and social conversations with users everyday - nothing quite going back and forth between discussions about semantic infrastructure and the latest episode of Fringe to diagnosing a CSS error and back to learning about how to customize my Canon t3i.

That said, with all these discussions I have every day, I may not be able to get back to you in a very expedient matter (but I will try, I promise). However, here are some handy-dandy links if you are looking for specific areas of help:

  • Special:Contact - Where you can make requests to have things added to your wiki and for consultation on wiki leadership issues.
  • The FANDOM User Support Forum - A great base of user knowledge that can help you customize your wiki's templates and JS.
  • Help Pages - General documentation about the features we have here on Fandom.
  • Adoptions - If you've stumbled across a wiki that really interests you but there aren't any admins, you can request to adopt it.
  • Fandom Staff Blog - Product announcements and other important news.
  • Admin Tools Wiki - A great community dedicated to helping admins add scripts and tools to their wiki.
  • XKCD - If you just need to laugh. Hint: I am veritable fountain of corny jokes.

Otherwise, if you're still looking for help or are interested in talking with someone who shares your interests - hiking, photography, reading, indie rock, linguistics, and fighting the international communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids - leave a message on my Message Wall or Talk Page!