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Trash is a group of items in the Animal Crossing series that is found while Fishing. They are generally considered to be worthless and take up pocket space. They can attract flies, similar to Raffelsia.


There are three types of trash that can be caught.


"I caught a boot! Now where's your mate?"

Empty Can

"I caught an empty can! Aw, maaaan..."

empty can


"I caught an old tire! It was just treading water..."

old tire


Trash is efficient for catching flies. The player must drop the trash on the ground, and return later. Flies will then be buzzing around it. The type of trash has no effect on the amount of flies or rate of flies that appear.


There are a few ways to remove trash from the town.

  1. Sell it.
  2. Put in the Recycling Bin or Town Dump
  3. Send it as a gift to villagers
  4. Send it to a friend's town