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Town Hall
Town Hall.png
HoursAll day
FunctionTown information

The Town Hall is a location in the Animal Crossing series. It is run by Isabelle. It is located at a random point in town.


The Town Hall serves as the office of the mayor of the town. The following options are available by talking to Isabelle from across the desk:

  • Citizen Satisfaction: The condition of the town can be found here.
  • Town Tune: The town tune can be changed here.
  • Town Flag: The town flag can be changed here.
  • Citizen Problems: If there is a problem with the villager, the mayor can change the villagers' catchphrase, letters, or clothing.

Mayoral Duties

Mayoral duties are done by sitting in the black chair in the back of the building. These include the following:


The Town Hall can be renovated after achieving a Perfect Town rating. This costs 498,000 bells. The styles are the default, Japanese, Modern, and Fairy Tale.


It is open all day, and only closed on holidays.