Animal Crossing New Leaf Wiki

The Town is the location that the Animal Crossing series takes place in. The Player moves here in the beginning of the game.

It is the home for the player, the Villagers, and the Special Characters who work around town. Each town is different, and can be changed by the player, who can move flora around, and decide what Public Works Projects to add in. It is further unique as to where the villagers move in to.


The town is much different than in previous games. It is possible to pick from 4 maps that Rover has when moving into town. Each map has the following with their unique settings:

  • Town square location
  • Slope to the beach (can be vertical or horizontal)
  • Beach layout (can be split into two parts)
  • Waterfall location (can be vertical or horizontal)
  • Pond (can have up to five)
  • Re-Tail and Town Hall locations
  • River shape