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Tortimer Island
Tortimer Island.png
HoursAll day
InhabitantsKapp'n, Leilani, Leila, Grams

The Island is a location in the Animal Crossing series. It can be unlocked after upgrading the house once, and being in town for one week. One round-trip is 1,000 Bells.


The player will arrive on the island inside the shack, where Leilani, Leila, and Grams all reside. There is also an ABD inside. The box near the counter is where players must place items they want to take home.


Leila will purchase items from the player for 5% of the original value.


Grams will sell different items each day, which will change from island to island. She will always sell access to Club Tortimer. She also sells the following:


  • Mermaid Series: 40 medals apiece
  • Cabana Series: 40 medals apiece
  • Kitchen Island: 30 medals
  • Ukulele: 30 medals
  • Float: 20 medals
  • Chocolate: 15 medals:
  • Wall belt: 25 medals
  • Sanshin: 40 medals
  • Seagrove: 20 medals
  • Jacuzzi: 70 medals
  • Block Dissipion: 35 medals
  • Sand Castle: 46 medals
  • Diving Suit: 60 medals
  • If takara ko: 150 medals
  • Table with Parasol: 30 medals
  • Beach Bed: 35 medals
  • Bottle Ship: 60 medals


  • Red Hibiscus Seedling: 5 medals
  • Yellow Hibiscus Seedling: 5 medals


  • Silver Axe: 8 medals
  • Hammer: 10 medals

Swimming Suits

All swim suits are 40 medals apiece.

  • Blue Swim Suit
  • Red Swim Suit
  • Orange Swim Suit
  • Black Swim Suit
  • White Swim Suit
  • Pink Swim Suit
  • Green Swim Suit
  • Striped Swim Suit


  • Pirate Hat: 15 medals
  • Kappa Hat: 20 medals
  • Captain's Hat: 15 medals
  • Sailor Hat: 14 medals
  • Straw Hat: 15 medals
  • Hibiscus: 20 medals
  • Snorkel: 20 medals


  • Blue Aloha Shirt: 15 medals
  • Red Aloha Shirt: 15 medals
  • White Aloha Shirt: 20 medals
  • Kappa Suit: 20 medals
  • Night Gown: 20 medals
  • Aloha Pants: 15 medals
  • Kappa Pants: 15 medals
  • Flip Flops: 20 medals

Wallpaper and Carpet

  • Mermaid Wall and Floor: 40 medals each
  • Island Wall and Floor: 100 medals each
  • Cabana Wall and Floor: 40 medals each

Club Tortimer

Club Tortimer is the online function for Tortimer Island. It must be purchased for 50 medals. Players will be allowed to travel to the island with people from their own country or worldwide.


Leilani will allow access to the island Tours.


Outside the shack are fruit trees, palm trees, and Lloid, who will allow the player to use rental items. The following are a list of fish, insects, and sealife that can be found on the island:



Sea Life


The Island is open all day.