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Tom Nook
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ServiceReal estate

Tom Nook is a tanuki/raccoon in the Animal Crossing series that owns the town real estate shop, Nook's Homes. He is the uncle of Timmy and Tommy.


Tom Nook appears when the player moves into town. He helps to set the player up as the mayor. Nook wears a golden suit and tie at this point and helps decide where the player's house will be. Nook left his main store to Timmy and Tommy. He runs Nook's Homes, which he co-owns with Lyle. Nook now allows customization for your house, which lets you change roof style, wall design, yard design, fence design, and mailbox design.


Tom Nook is a brown raccoon, with the typical raccoon "mask" around his eyes. He has pink rounded ears, and wears a green vest.

The Roost

Tom Nook can appear a The Roost from midnight to 1:30AM.

Coffee preferences

Tom Nook drinks coffee from The Roost with the following:

  • Kilimanjaro
  • Lots of milk
  • One spoonful