Timmy and Tommy
Timmy and Tommy

Timmy and Tommy are the twin nephews of Tom Nook in the Animal Crossing series. They are also his pupils, and run Nook's store, starting with the Nookling Junction.


Timmy and Tommy speak in unison, however they aren't too good at it, as one lags behind the other. They look very similar to Tom Nook, and sometimes repeat things Tom Nook himself says. According to Tom Nook, the two can be told apart by a mole on one of their hands, however, this is not seen in-game.


Timmy and Tommy look very similar to Tom Nook. They are both brown raccoons with pink rounded ears. Timmy and Tommy both wear blue aprons with the furniture leaf in white on the front. Their outfits are different each upgrade their store gets.


Timmy and Tommy run the town shop. They sell furniture, tools, wallpaper, carpet, stationery, wrapping paper, medicine, and fortune cookies. The following are the stores in order of them being unlocked.