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The Roost
The Roost.jpg
HoursAll day
FunctionServing coffee

The Roost is a store in the Animal Crossing series. The store is run by Brewster. It is located at a random place of the player's choosing. It is a Public Works Project. It can be built 7 to 10 days after the Museum's second floor. It will cost 298,000 Bells to build.


The Roost serves as the town's café. Villagers will drink coffee, though only one can do this at a time. The character can purchase coffee for 200 bells, once per day. After three coffee purchases, the player can purchase coffee as a take-out item. It can be equipped and drunk. It will be finished after 4 to 6 sips. After six coffee purchases, the player can work part-time at the Roost.

Special characters

The following special characters will visit the Roost at predetermined times:


After six coffee purchases, the player can work part-time at the Roost. They work in shifts of three villagers, and one special character. Upon finishing their shift, they will receive the following:

  • Plain Coffee Beans (1 order correct)
  • Good Coffee Beans (2 - 3 orders correct)
  • Superb Coffee Beans (4 orders correct)

In addition to the daily beans, the following can also be earned:

  • Coffee Maker - At 16 cumulative correct orders
  • Espresso Maker - At 32 cumulative correct orders
  • Siphon - At 48 cumulative correct orders
  • Coffee Cup - At 64 cumulative correct orders
  • Cream and Sugar - At 80 cumulative correct orders
  • Coffee Mill - At 96 cumulative correct orders
  • Cafe Uniform - At 128 cumulative correct orders
  • Brewster Gyroids - At 160, 192, 224, and 255 cumulative correct orders


The store is open all day, though the player can only work at the Roost from 11AM to 11PM on non-holiday days.