Animal Crossing New Leaf Wiki

Stationery is an item that can be purchased from the Nookling stores. It is used to write mail to the Villagers.

Most stationery will cost the player 160 bells, however, elegant paper will cost 800 bells and melody paper costs 500 bells.

List of paper

Image Name
Academy paper.jpg Academy paper
Airmail paper.jpg Airmail paper
Bathtub paper.jpg Bathtub paper
Bejeweled paper.jpg Bejeweled paper
Birthday card.jpg Birthday card
Bubble paper.jpg Bubble paper
Buttercup paper.jpg Buttercup paper
Butterfly paper.jpg Butterfly paper
Camouflage paper.jpg Camouflage paper
Card paper.jpg Card paper
Chic paper.jpg Chic paper
Cloudy paper.jpg Cloudy paper
Composer paper.jpg Composer paper
Cool paper.jpg Cool paper
Cow paper.jpg Cow paper
Crater paper.jpg Crater paper
Elegant paper.jpg Elegant paper
Fireworks paper.jpg Fireworks paper
Floral paper.jpg Floral paper
Flowery paper.jpg Flowery paper
Forest paper.jpg Forest paper
Formal paper.jpg Formal paper
Four-leaf paper.jpg Four-leaf paper
Gallery paper.jpg Gallery paper
Geometric paper.jpg Geometric paper
Goldfish paper.jpg Goldfish paper
Halloween paper.jpg Halloween paper
Hamburger paper.jpg Hamburger paper
Hieroglyph paper.jpg Hieroglyph paper
Imperial paper.jpg Imperial paper
Industrial paper.jpg Industrial paper
Lacy paper.jpg Lacy paper
Lemon-lime paper.jpg Lemon-lime paper
Leopard paper.jpg Leopard paper
Lined paper.jpg Lined paper
Lotus paper.jpg Lotus paper
Lovely paper.jpg Lovely paper
Maple-leaf paper.jpg Maple-leaf paper
Melody paper.jpg Melody paper
Mosaic paper.jpg Mosaic paper
Museum paper.jpg Museum paper
Mushroom paper.jpg Mushroom paper
New Year's cards.jpg New Year's cards
Night-sky paper.jpg Night-sky paper
Nook paper.jpg Nook paper
Notebook paper.jpg Notebook paper
Ocean paper.jpg Ocean paper
Petal paper.jpg Petal paper
Piano paper.jpg Piano paper
Plaid paper.jpg Plaid paper
Polka-dot paper.jpg Polka-dot paper
Post-office paper.jpg Post-office paper
Rainbow paper.jpg Rainbow paper
Ribbon paper.jpg Ribbon paper
SMB3 paper.jpg SMB3 paper
Snowman paper.jpg Snowman paper
Snowy paper.jpg Snowy paper
Southwest paper.jpg Southwest paper
Sparkly paper.jpg Sparkly paper
Star paper.jpg Star paper
Tartan paper.jpg Tartan paper
Tile paper.jpg Tile paper
Town-view paper.jpg Town-view paper
Vine paper.jpg Vine paper
Weathered paper.jpg Weathered paper


The following paper cannot be ordered from Timmy & Tommy's store catalog, or bought from their store. The only ways to obtain these stationery is through the mail as a gift from a villager. Because of this they are considered very rare. These papers are normally only used by special characters.

  • Gallery paper (Only used by Redd)
  • Halloween paper (Only used by Jack)
  • Museum paper (Only used by Redd)
  • Post-office paper (Only used by the Post Office)
  • Snowman paper (Only used by the Snowman family)