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Snooty is a female villager personality type in the Animal Crossing series. They are the most arrogant of the female personality types, however, they can be kind when you become friends. Gwen is an example of a Snooty villager. There are 47 snooty villagers.


Snooty villagers do not fear speaking their mind, and will appear rude at times. They tend to be sarcastic and due to this, annoy the other villagers. When they become friends, they give the player lessons in fashion and love. Most tend to wear makeup and have exotic or high-class names.

Snooty villagers usually go to sleep at 3:30AM and awaken at 9:00AM.

They tend to get along with no other neighbors in particular. They dislike the jocks because they worry about fitness constantly. They dislike peppy villagers because they sometimes tell the Snooty villagers how they truly feel. The normal villagers are annoyed at how stuck-up the Snooty villagers are. They do not like the lazy villages because of how relaxed they are.

Snooty villagers

Public Works Projects

The following Public Works Projects can be requested by any villager type:

The following can only be requested by Snooty villagers: