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LocationMain Street
Hours10AM to 8PM
FunctionHair and eye customization

Shampoodle is a store in the Animal Crossing series. The store is run by Harriet. It is located above the Able Sisters store.

This store must be unlocked by having Kicks open for 7 days, and spending 10,000 Bells at the Able Sisters. It takes 4 days to be built.


Hair color and style can be changed at this store, along with eye color, and getting a Mii Mask. Each of these costs 3,000 bells, and only one can be done per day.

Opposite-gender hair styles are unlocked after getting a hair cut 15 times.


The base hours of the store are from 10AM to 8PM. This can be extended to opening at 7AM if the Early Bird Town Ordinance is enacted. It can be extended to closing at 11PM if the Night Owl Town Ordinance is enacted.

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