Animal Crossing New Leaf Wiki
Hours9AM to 11PM
FunctionSelling items, refurbishing furniture, and stalk market
InhabitantsReese and Cyrus

Re-Tail is a store in the Animal Crossing series. The store is run by Reese and Cyrus. It is one of the first stores in the game, and is located inside the town, instead of Main Street.


The store is referred to as a recycling shop. The player can sell items to Reese or to other villagers via the displays. Trash can be sold to the store, though this will cause Reese to charge a fee for disposal. Furniture can be redesigned at the store.

Items can be sold for a premium price, which varies every day. The chalkboard sign outside the store lists one item, or two if the Wealthy Town Ordinance is in place.


Reese is the pink alpaca, who purchases items, deals with the stalk market, and handles selling items to villagers.


Cyrus is the blue alpaca, who refurbishes furniture. He is asleep at the start of the game, and will only awaken once 100,000 Bells worth of items are sold to Reese, the furniture catalog is over 50 different types, and the clothing catalog is over 10 different types. In addition, the player must have been in town for a week.

Cyrus will customize furniture using their own designs or with default designs.


The base hours of the store are from 9AM to 11PM. This can be extended to opening at 6AM if the Early Bird Town Ordinance is enacted. It can be extended to closing at 2AM if the Night Owl Town Ordinance is enacted.