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{{Infobox building
{{Infobox building
|Image =
|Image = [[File:Plaza.jpg|250px]]
|Location = [[Town]]
|Location = [[Town]]
|Hours = All day
|Hours = All day

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HoursAll day
FunctionLocation for events

The Plaza is a location in the Animal Crossing series. It is not run by anyone. It can be found randomly in town.


At the beginning of the game, the player plants the town tree. The tree will change depending on how long the game has been played.

Stages of Growth

Time travelling is possible to achieve the amount of days, however, the amount of hours must be actually played.

  • 1 Day and 1 Hour
    • Small tree, single cluster of leaves
  • 5 Days and 5 Hours
    • Small tree, two clusters of leaves
  • 20 Days and 20 Hours
    • Three cluster of leaves
  • 50 Days and 50 Hours
    • Five clusters of leaves. The player can sit on the planter box to view town history.
  • 100 Days and 100 Hours
    • Ten clusters of leaves, with a vine on the trunk
  • 500 Days and 500 Hours
    • Seventeen clusters of leaves, the trunk fits the entire planting pot.


Events are held in the town plaza. Tents will be set up in the south-east corner of the plaza, and face cut-outs will be set up in the south-west corner of the plaza depending on the event.


The base hours of the store are from to . This can be extended to opening at if the Early Bird Town Ordinance is enacted. It can be extended to closing at if the Night Owl Town Ordinance is enacted.