Animal Crossing New Leaf Wiki

The Player is the phrase used for the human character in the Animal Crossing series that is controlled by the real person playing the game. Each player is either male or female. Most conversation tends to be gender-neutral, with the only difference being pronouns.

The player is the only human character seen in the game, excluding other visiting players. It can be assumed that Mom and Dad are also humans. Despite the parents, there is no real backstory to the player. Any backstory is made up by the player themselves.

Only one human can be active at a time, again excluding visiting players.


The player lives in the town. They act and modify their environment as they see fit, reflecting the open play and customization of the series. This can be done by activities such as Fishing, Bug Catching, fashion, and interacting with Villagers.

Villagers have a much minor role in changing the town, but they do so nonetheless. They can become friends with the player, can trade furniture with them, and plant flowers.


In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the first player in the town becomes mayor, taking the role from Tortimer. This allows the player to change the town with Public Works Projects and Town Ordinances. Being the mayor is not necessarily the main feature, but it does allow the game to be changed in a much more improved fashion.


Players tend to look alike, and are fairly tall. They can be customized by hairstyles, clothes, accessories, and facial features.

Clothing and Accessories

All players' clothing can be changed. Shirts, pants, socks, shoes, accessories, and skirts are all able to changed.

Facial Features

The players' face is determined by Rover when moving into town by a series of questions. It is not possible to change your face later on.