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Ore is an item found by hitting rocks in the Animal Crossing series. They are found by hitting the one special rock each day. If a silver shovel is used on the regular bell rock, then gems might be produced.

Customizing Furniture

Cyrus can customize certain furniture types, if he is provided with the furniture piece and the ore.

Amethyst Ruby Sapphire Emerald Silver Nugget Gold Nugget
Blue Series
Cabana Series
Green Series
Lovely Series
Modern Series
Polka-Dot Series
Chess Theme
Apple Set
Claw-Foot Tub
Executive Toy
Piggy Bank
Plate Armor
Raccoon Figurine
Shogi Piece
Super Toilet


Image Name Sale price
Amethyst.jpg Amethyst 2,000
Ruby.jpg Ruby 2,000
Sapphire.jpg Sapphire 2,000
Emerald.jpg Emerald 2,000
Silver.jpg Silver Nugget 3,000
Gold.jpg Golden Nugget 4,000