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LocationMain Street
HoursAll day
FunctionShowing off collectibles
InhabitantsBlathers, Celeste

The Museum is a location in the Animal Crossing series. The store is run by Blathers. It is located at the far east or west of Main Street.


The player can collect some items and display them in the museum in separate exhibits.

Art Exhibit

The Art Exhibit is the south-east room. There are two rooms, each with the ability to display paintings and statues.

Fossil Exhibit

The Fossil Exhibit is the south-west room. There are three rooms.

Fish Exhibit

The Fish Exhibit is the north-east room. There are three rooms: One for sea-life, one for ocean fish, and one for river fish.

Insect Exhibit

The Insect Exhibit is the north-west room. There are three rooms.


The upstairs is a Public Works Project, costing 198,000 Bells. It can be requested after talking to Blathers for 14 days and having donated 20 different items, with at least one item in each section.

The upstairs features four rooms which can be rented out for 10,000 Bells each. These serve as a player's private exhibit rooms.


The base hours of the store are all day.