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K.K. Slider
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ServicePerforming music

K.K. Slider is a dog in the Animal Crossing series. He performs music for the player in Club LOL.


K.K. Slider is a very lax musician. He tends to speak as if he wants to be free, and fighting against "the man". K.K. loves to perform, and loves to give out his music.


He is a fully white dog, with a black nose, eyes, and eyebrows. Unlike other animals, he does not wear any clothing, however under is alter-ego DJ K.K., he wears a brown cap, and black glasses.


K.K. Slider will appear on stage during Saturday nights from 8:00PM to 12:00AM, performing a variety of different songs. During the week, however, he will perform under his alter-ego DJ K.K., performing even more songs.

The Roost

K.K. Slider can appear a The Roost from 5:30PM to 7PM.

Coffee preferences

K.K. Slider drinks coffee from The Roost with the following:

  • Blend
  • No milk
  • No sugar


  • K.K. Slider's real name, "Totakeke" is based off a sound designer for the ame, Kazumi Totaka. In Japan, last names are written first, so his name would appear as Totaka Kazumi, or Totaka K.