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SpeciesShih Tzu (Dog)

Isabelle is a dog in the Animal Crossing series. She serves as a secretary to the player. Her name was first revealed as Hisho, then changed to Shizue. Finally, for the English localization, her name became Isabelle.


Isabelle is very clumsy and absent minded, yet a very diligent secretary. She is excited to make the town a better place and encourages the player to do tasks and projects throughout town. She is very friendly with all of the villagers. She is very jumpy and eager to do whatever the player would like to do unless it is delete the town or message her that your moving away,however she is very cute and will be your "mate" when asked, as seen when she talks about a walk on the beach she has a crush on the player.


Isabelle is a bright yellow dog. Some of her hair is tied up in a bun with a bright red ribbon. She has a white fur patch around her mouth, and a white tip on her tail. Isabelle wears business attire: A green checked vest and a white top, along with a navy blue skirt. During holidays, she wears different outfits.