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Horned Hercules
Horned Hercules.jpg
Scientific NameDynastes hercules
Time of YearJuly to August
Time of Day5PM to 8AM
LocationPalm trees
RarityRare - 1
Selling Price12,000
Species Number#61

The Horned Hercules is an insect that can be found on palm trees. It appears from July to August. It will appear from 5PM to 8AM. When selling it to Re-Tail, the player will earn 12,000 Bells.


The Horned Hercules is found on palm trees.

The Museum

The Horned Hercules can be donated to the museum. Upon doing so, the following text is given by Blathers:

"Horned herculeses are the largest beetles in the world, reaching over 17 cm in exceptional cases. Their 2 long horns look pretty, but they're powerful and can hurt a lot of you're pinched by them. The longer horn is covered with short, soft yellow hair, which helps them to sense vibrations. The yellow on their bodies turns black when it's humid, making them difficult to spot on humid evenings."


Upon catching the insect, the player will say the following:

"I caught a horned hercules! Who's the mighty one now?"