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Harvey (パニエル Panieru) is a special dog character that debuts in the Welcome amiibo update of New Leaf. Harvey is the owner of the campground. Besides explaining the campground, Harvey also sells special furniture in exchange for MEOW Coupons. Harvey returns in New Horizons.


As a stereotypical hippie, Harvey tends to act absentminded, forgetting how he knows the player when they try to engage in discussion with him. He does not like technology, nor is he very good at using it, and he is also a vegan. He loves nature and birds.


In New LeafEdit

In New Leaf, during the day Harvey interacts with yellow birds by feeding them with beans. A single yellow bird frequently sits on his head until scared away by nets and other tools. Through certain dialogue Harvey will offer the player throwing beans, marking the first worldwide release of this previously Japanese-exclusive item.

In New HorizonsEdit

In New Horizons, Harvey travels to the player's island after the third villager arrives. He compliments the rapid development of the player's island, and explains that he lives by himself on another island nearby, Harv's Island, inviting the player to visit it via Dodo Airlines. At Harv's Island, Harvey will explain that his house is where he runs a free photography studio, Photopia. The player can decorate the various rooms or sets of the house with furniture in their catalog, invite villagers to assist as models, and give the models costumes to create unique photos. Harvey remains outside his house and will re-explain Photopia if asked.


  • According to the Animal Crossing Direct in which he was revealed, Harvey has a crush on Harriet. In one of his dialogues he reveals to have known Harriet for a long time.
  • In the Direct, Harvey is hinted to wear a different headband each day, although no one notices.
  • Occasionally he can be seen scattering birdseed to feed the birds or pretending to fly.
  • At night, the birds will not appear, and he will instead sip coffee or play the Maracas and or Tambourine.
  • When you dance next to the campfire, Harvey will continuously shake his Tambourine and Maracas until you're done dancing.
  • His English name is a pun on the acronym "RV" with an H added to create a name.
  • He has the voice of a smug villager.
  • If it is raining or snowing, Harvey will be wearing a raincoat and hat. His items will also have a tarp surrounding them.
  • Harvey is only one of two NPC's in New Leaf (The other being Lloid) who doesn't have an Amiibo card. Due to Series 4 already finished production before he debuted.