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Happy Home Showcase
Happy Home Showcase.png
LocationMain Street
HoursAll day
FunctionDisplaying model homes

The Happy Home Showcase is a store in the Animal Crossing series. The store is run by Digby. It is located in the center of Main Street.


The Happy Home Showcase displays all the model homes earned by the player via StreetPass. It is separated into four areas. The center area is where the player meets any new StreetPass characters. Attached to this are three areas to the north, east, and west where StreetPass houses will go. Up to 16 houses can be stored in each area, resulting in up to 48 total houses.

A single player can favorite up to 20 houses so they cannot be deleted.


This store is open all day.


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StreetPass Items can be found in the Happy Home Showcase after StreetPassing the same player multiple times.

List of items


Balloons are obtained for StreetPassing the same player two to three times.

Image Name
Red balloon.jpg Red balloon
Orange balloon.jpg Orange balloon
Yellow balloon.jpg Yellow balloon
Green balloon.jpg Green balloon
Cyan balloon.jpg Cyan balloon
Blue balloon.jpg Blue balloon
Indigo balloon.jpg Indigo balloon
Pink balloon.jpg Pink balloon


Pinwheels are obtained for StreetPassing the same player four times.

Image Name
Red pinwheel.jpg Red pinwheel
Orange pinwheel.jpg Orange pinwheel
Yellow pinwheel.jpg Yellow pinwheel
Green pinwheel.jpg Green pinwheel
Cyan pinwheel.jpg Cyan pinwheel
Blue pinwheel.jpg Blue pinwheel
Indigo pinwheel.jpg Indigo pinwheel
Pink pinwheel.jpg Pink pinwheel

Bunny Balloons

Bunny balloons are obtained for StreetPassing the same player five times.

Image Name
Bunny red balloon.jpg Bunny r. balloon
Bunny orange balloon.jpg Bunny o. balloon
Bunny yellow balloon.jpg Bunny y. balloon
Bunny green balloon.jpg Bunny g. balloon
Bunny cyan balloon.jpg Bunny c. balloon
Bunny blue balloon.jpg Bunny b. balloon
Bunny indigo balloon.jpg Bunny i. balloon
Bunny pink balloon.jpg Bunny p. balloon

Bubble blower

Bubble blowers are obtained for StreetPassing the same player six times.

Image Name

Heart Balloons

Heart balloons are obtained for StreetPassing the same player seven times.

Image Name
Heart red balloon.jpg Heart r. balloon
Heart orange balloon.jpg Heart o. balloon
Heart yellow balloon.jpg Heart y. balloon
Heart green balloon.jpg Heart g. balloon
Heart cyan balloon.jpg Heart c. balloon
Heart blue balloon.jpg Heart b. balloon
Heart indigo balloon.jpg Heart i. balloon
Heart pink balloon.jpg Heart p. balloon

Ice cream

Ice cream is obtained for StreetPassing the same player eight times.

Image Name

Soft-serve ice cream

Soft-serve ice cream are obtained for StreetPassing the same player nine times.

Image Name

Party blower

Party blower are obtained for StreetPassing the same player ten times.

Image Name

Above Ten

More than ten times, you will receive a random item listed above.