Animal Crossing New Leaf Wiki

Fruit appears on the trees in the the Animal Crossing series. When the player creates the town, there is only one fruit type, and this is the native fruit. These sell for 100 Bells each. Non-native fruit, also known as foreign fruit, sells for 500 Bells each.

There are five types of fruit that can be native: Apples, cherries, oranges, peaches, and pears. Coconuts cannot be native. On the island, it is possible to have bananas, mangoes, durians, lemons, lychees, and persimmons as the island native fruit. Fruit will grow at a rate of three fruit every three days.

Obtaining Fruit

Fruit can be obtained as a gift from villagers or a gift from Mom. If a letter is a sent with a piece of native fruit attached, then the response letter will have a piece of foreign fruit in return.

The same rules for growing a tree apply to growing fruit. Cedar and oak trees do not grow fruit.

Fruit sells for 100 bells if local, and 500 bells if exotic. All island fruit and persimmons will sell for 250 bells.

Delicious Fruit

Delicious fruit appears randomly in place of a regular fruit, and if planted, grows a delicious fruit tree. This tree bears three delicious fruit, and if shaken, may die. These sell for 600 bells if local, and 3,000 bells if exotic.