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Fortune Shop
Fortune Shop.jpg
LocationMain Street
Hours9AM to 8PM
FunctionTelling fortunes

The Fortune Shop is a store in the Animal Crossing series. The store is run by Katrina. It is located initially once a week in Katrina's tent. It can be unlocked as a Public Works Projects after receiving 20 fortunes. Building it will cost 340,000 bells and it can be located between the Dream Suite and the Photo Booth.


Fortunes can be told at the shop, for 500 bells apiece. Katrina informs the player of what clothing they should wear to boost their luck.

Katrina also sells the Tingle hat and the Red Daikoku for 10,000 bells each.


  • Popular: Villagers of the opposite gender will be easier to befriend.
  • Support: Villagers of the same gender will be easier to befriend.
  • Unpopular: Villagers will avoid you.
  • Lucky Finances: Bells appear more.
  • Lucky Materials: Rare items appear more.
  • Unlucky: You'll fall down and trip a lot.


The base hours of the store are from 9AM to 8PM. This can be extended to opening at 6AM if the Early Bird Town Ordinance is enacted. It can be extended to closing at 11PM if the Night Owl Town Ordinance is enacted.