Animal Crossing New Leaf Wiki

Fishing is a feature in the Animal Crossing series. It is one of the ways to make Bells in the game. Fish can be donated to the museum or sold for varying prices. Despite the name, not all fish are technically fish, but instead aquatic species. Fish are found in all bodies of water in the game. It requires a Fishing Rod. There are 68 fish in the game.

Catching Fish

The player will first need a Fishing Rod. This can be bought for 500 Bells. The player will then have to go to a body of water and wait until they see a shadow. They must then use the (A) button to cast the rod, and wait until the fish nibbles on the bait. When the bait sinks under water and the fish circles the bait, a "plop" sound is heard. At this point, the player must rapidly press the (A) button to try to reel in the fish.

Time of Year

Not all fish can be caught year-round. Some fish can only be caught in certain months, or at certain times of the day.


Fish can be caught in the following locations:


These fish are caught in the ocean at the west or east of the town, and on the south. There are 28 ocean fish.


These fish are caught in the ponds around town. There are 4 pond fish.


These fish are caught in the river that winds through town. There are 30 river fish.


These fish are caught in the lake at the bend of the river. There are 3 lake fish.


These fish are caught at the waterfall. There is 1 waterfall fish.

Island Fish

These fish are caught exclusively on the island. There are 2 island-exclusive fish.

Other Aquatic Things

Diving Beetle and Pondskater

The Diving Beetle and Pondskater are Insects, not fish. The pondskater appears on ponds, and the diving beetle dives underwater.


Trash is possible to be caught while fishing. There are three trash items: The Empty Can, Boot, and Old Tire. They cannot be sold for a profit, but can be given to recycle.