Dream Suite

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Dream Suite
Dream Suite.jpg
LocationMain Street
HoursAll day
FunctionUpdating Dream Town

Dream Suite is a store in the Animal Crossing series. The store is run by Luna. It is located between the Fortune Shop and Club LOL. It is a Public Works Project, unlocked after building one project, and catching Isabelle asleep at her desk. The player must also have been online at least once. It will cost 234,000 bells.


This building allows access to the Dream World. The player must upload their town to the Dream World by sleeping on the couch. They have to decide whether patterns can be shared. After uploading their town, Luna will give the player 5,000 bells. It will take 47 uploads to earn back the bells from building it.

Other towns

The player can access other players' towns by sleeping on the bed. It costs 500 bells to visit another town. They can visit a random town, visit via an inputted Dream Address. They can also search for the Dream Code via town name, player name, or region. Some buildings cannot be accessed in the dream, and nothing can be brought back.

If pattern sharing is enabled, Wendell will be in town.


The store is open all day.

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