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Darner Dragonfly
Darner Dragonfly.jpg
Scientific NameAnax parthenope
Time of YearJune to August
Time of Day8AM to 5PM
RarityUncommon - 5
Selling Price200
Species Number#27

The Darner Dragonfly is an insect that can be found in the air around town. It appears from June to August. It will appear from 8AM to 5PM. When selling it to Re-Tail, the player will earn 200 Bells.


The Darner Dragonfly is found in the air.

The Museum

The Darner Dragonfly can be donated to the museum. Upon doing so, the following text is given by Blathers:

"The heads and thoraxes of darner dragonflies are colored a lovely yellow green. The males have a light-blue spot on their bellies, which is not a trait the females share. Darner dragonflies can usually be seen flying around bodies of water such as lakes or ponds."


Upon catching the insect, the player will say the following:

"I caught a darner dragonfly! I got darn lucky!"