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Campsite - Summer.jpgCampsite - Winter.jpg
HoursAll day
FunctionRandomly villager visiting

The Campsite is a location in the Animal Crossing series. It is located at a place in town chosen by the player. It is a Public Works Project available from the beginning, and costs 59,800 Bells to build. It appears as a tent in the spring, summer, and autumn, however, it appears as an igloo during the winter.


The Campsite is a minigame of sorts. Random villagers will stay in the campsite for a day, and can be persuaded to move in to town if there is an empty spot.


The following minigames can be played at the campsite:

Single Item Minigame

The player is told what the item is is, and then they must follow a few guessing games to win the item for a predetermined price.

One version of this is called "Find the Queen". In this, there are three cards, and the player must guess the correct card three times.

The 2 Card method is done by guessing the correct card out of two. These are called "Guess What I Ate" and "High Card, Low Card". It is repeated three times.

Another method is the player must guess the correct number. The closer the guess, the cheaper the item.

Another method is to simply guess the card, and the price is read out.

Five Items Minigame

This minigame is simple. The player has five chances to purchase an item. If they pass on four, they are force to buy the fifth.

Selling Items

The villager will ask to purchase an item from the player. There are two choices from this:

One method is two choose from two cards. If the right one was chosen, they proceed. If not, they lose instantly. If the player wins three rounds, they win.

Another method is similar to the one above, however, they are not eliminated upon failure, and they have a better chance of winning.


The Campsite is open all day.