Animal Crossing New Leaf Wiki

Bug Catching is a feature in the Animal Crossing series. It allows you to catch bugs to sell for Bells and to donate to the museum. There are 72 insects in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

How to Catch

Bugs can be caught by using a net. The player must arm the net, and press the A button to swing the net when they are close to the bug. Alternatively, pressing and holding the A button will allow them to sneak up unnoticed. Sometimes you must walk extremely slowly in order to sneak up as some insects will fly away.

Time of Year

Not all bugs can be caught year-round. Some bugs can only be caught in certain months, or at certain times of the day.


Bugs are sorted by a rarity scale of one to seven, with one being the rarest and seven being the most common.


Bugs can be grouped into the following:

Ground Bugs

These bugs can be found on the ground or on flowers. They tend to run away from the player, and have the chance to fall into the river. There are 22 ground bugs.

Water Bugs

These bugs are found in rivers and ponds. They are confined to the water. There are 2 water bugs.

Tree Bugs

These bugs can be found in trees. They tend to fly away when the player gets close. There are 30 tree bugs.

Flying Bugs

These bugs can be found in the air. They fly in no particular pattern. There are 16 flying bugs.