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April Fools' Day
April Fool's Day.jpg
DateApril 1

April Fools' Day is a holiday in the Animal Crossing series. It is in all versions. Blanca is the host of the event.

Date of Event

April Fool's Day takes place on April 1st.


During this holiday, the player must find Blanca in the town square. They must then visit each villager in their home. If a house has two of the same villagers, the player must figure out which one is fake. The villagers will each give information about themselves. The player must figure out which villager is Blanca in disguise by judging the information the villagers give. When the player figures out what villager is fake, one of the villagers will give the player a towel. The player must then give the towel to the fake villager for them to wipe their face. If the player correctly guesses with all villagers, they will receive Blanca's picture the next day in the mail.