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Agrias Butterfly
Agrias Butterfly.jpg
Scientific NameAgrias claudina sardanapalus
Time of YearJune to September
Time of Day8AM to 5PM
RarityUncommon - 3
Selling Price3,000
Species Number#7

The Agrias Butterfly is an insect that can be found on flowers. It appears from June to September. It will appear during the day from 8AM to 5PM. When selling it to Re-Tail, the player will earn 3,000 Bells.


The Agrias Butterfly is found on flowers.

The Museum

The Agrias Butterfly can be donated to the museum. Upon doing so, the following text is given by Blathers:

"Agrias butterflies are argued to have the most beautiful wings of all butterfly species. They're capable of flying quite fast, making them more difficult to catch than a number of their peers. Their wings sport three colors -- red, blue, and black -- but many have different patterns and shapes."


Upon catching the insect, the player will say the following:

"I caught an agrias butterfly! I guess this one agreed with me!"